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If teresa's daughter is ur daughters daughter who are u to teresa

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Me ? sos ap human test on friday !
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Each autumn the forest floor is covered by leaves that have fallen from trees which type of organisms is most effective in decomposing the leaf tissue allowing the nutrients and minerals to be recycled in the environment?
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Which group’s rights—human participants or nonhuman animals—are the most important to protect? why? not really a right or wrong answer, but give a detailed explanation
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Which statements describe continental crust? select the three correct answers. a-it is formed in all parts of the continents. b-it is made mostly of volcanic rock. c-it is destroyed by melting near the top of the mantle. d-it is less than 10 km thick. e-its ages ranges from very young to more than 4 billion years old.
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If teresa's daughter is ur daughters daughter who are u to teresa...

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