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Umm could yall tell me what u think * are a nouns action

() are somebody's thoughts

Normal text is talking



Jahn- *They run quickly and nimbly from the three guards chasing them, they look back and forth pulling their black cape hood back onto their large feline ears. *

Guard #1- Hey you come back here!!! *slowing from exhaustion*

Guard #2- Split up!! *Hes out of breath and falling behind*

Jahn- *jumps up onto a dumpster and then a roof then continues to jump on the line of buildings* *slightly smirks and cackles a little* (that was a close shave with the royal guard almost immediately I had just snuck into the kingdom) *spots a doorway and slips in*

Guard #3- Guys they’re gone *pulls off helmet and shows her long wavy brown hair* (How does this person run so quickly? They looked shady before but now they’re quite suspicious we might need to look into this.)

Jahn-*Looks around and spots a wardrobe full of royal butlers and maids' uniforms. * (Am I in the Castle already!? Wait- I can use this as an opportunity but I need to hide my ears a butler's outfit won't work)

Jahn- *looks back at maid uniform* What luck *puts on a maid's long dress and hides his tail. They then hide their ears under his bonnet successfully hiding them* (This seems to have good chance of succeeding.) *folds up the clothes they were wearing and shoves them under the wardrobe*

Servant- *walks in* Oh I'm so sorry ma’am I'll leave I didn’t see anyone walk in

Jahn- your just fine hon, I'm finished I'll go instead (That was close!) *bows a little*

Jahn- *walks out quickly* (Wow! I just stepped out of the servants' quarters and the castle is this expensive looking) *looks around and notices a table with a vase on it *Picks up and puts vase down* (So now I need to just find the kings room)

Jahn- *Walks up and down the halls till he spots a guard by a door* (ill just pretend that I belong here) Hello sir may I enter I'd like to tidy up

Guard- um yes ma’am *slightly stuttering* *opens door*

Jahn- Thank you sir *Bows and smiles slightly* (I can't believe that this is working so well) *Walks in and looks Around* *Starts to notice it’s a bedroom* (wait- who's room would need guarding) *gets startled as he hears someone talking outside* tries to quickly put down the paper he was looking at

Claude- Excuse me *he says softly*

Guard- *he doesn't speak but instead opens the door and look down*

Claude- Thank you (Not surprised, no one ever speaks to me) *walks in and notices a maid looking at him like a deer in front of a carriage*

Jahn- *Staring kind of blankly* (THIS IS THE PRINCES ROOM!?! Wow he’s pretty mousy) U-um hello hi I was just uh- cleaning? *hiding the paper behind his back*

Claude- (what she’s talking to me? Must be new here but wait- she's talking to me!!) Oh, hello continue to do what you were doing, and I noticed you looking at my studies though I don’t suppose you can read can you?

Jahn- I can read (oops- I shouldn’t have said most of the people in this kingdom can’t read) *They add* I'm self-taught I've read books I quite enjoy poetry and plays.

Claude- Really? *he says excitedly* (Ive never met somebody who actually speaks with me about what they like) Do you like A midwinters daze?!

Jahn- Ive read it but Ive never gotten to see it preformed (What is going on here?!?) *Sets paper down and walks towards the door slowly*

Claude- Hey wait please don’t leave (No! we’ve just started talking) *He grabs Jahn's hand and then trips* *they knock heads together* I'm so sorr- So- sorry *stutters and then just stares*

Jahn-*they rub their head and then realize their bonnet fell off. * (Cr ap- Hes seeing my ears) *Grabs bonnet from floor and shoves it back onto his ears* so now what

Claude- *Just plain confusion* wait you're a demi-human, but you’ve haven't tried to eat me? *He is now considering his whole life is a lie*

Jahn- *shocked* wait, eat you? *bursts out laughing* Where'd you hear that nonsense.

Claude- (I thought it was just common knowledge) *He is now embarrassed* I was wrong? They teach everyone demi-humans are monsters.

Jahn- And you believed them *slightly shocked* (this guy is either gullible or all of the humans think this.) *he stands and offers his hand to Claude, a peace offering. *

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Umm could yall tell me what u think * are a nouns action

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