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What are some types of line, and what are their purposes? (site 1)?

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Death of saranapalus by delacroix demonstates all of the following except a) physical and emotional violence b) the influence of rubens c) opulent color d) a balanced and harmonious composition
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Where is the photographer’s signature generally located? centered at the top of the photograph on the side of the photograph in the lower right hand side below the photograph photographs are never signed
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Why did emerson most likely include the quotation from john brown speech​
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After exploring the selections from the  upanishads  and the  tao te ching, what congruence do you see between them? what is the central message of each text? are there any similarities in the worldviews they espouse? do any of these ideas resonate with your own life, beliefs, or worldview? discuss the ideas found in both texts as well as your reactions to them.  important notice:   reflection responses should be between 200 and 250 words total and present a clear main idea (thesis) supported by specific examples  ​
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What are some types of line, and what are their purposes? (site 1)?...

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