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Name one thing that is different about a cell that is in g1 and a cell in g2

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Ablastocyst is a group of cells that forms after a human egg is fertilized. the blastocyst consists of two types of cells. some of these cells will become the placenta. what do the other cells develop into?
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Read the sentence. “yesterday we arrived late for the outdoor concert in the city gardens.” which words in the sentence are adverbs? a. late; city b. yesterday; outdoor c. yesterday; late d. outdoor; city
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Scenario #2 in 2001, a population of 2,500 poison dart frogs lived in the amazon rain forest. due to increased deforestation, the population dwindled to 25 frogs in 2019. new government regulations were enacted in 2022, successfully putting an end to the deforestation of the amazon rain forest. once deforestation was stopped, the poison dart frog population was able to recover. by 2050, the population reached 8,000 frogs, of that population, 20 are homozygous recessive for being spotted (ss genotype). q2- ? q- p- p2- 2pq-
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The hematodinium parasite becomes less of a problem for the blue crab when the crab is very young. fishing is thriving in the region. the crab moves to less salty water. a significant percentage of the population is impacted.
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Name one thing that is different about a cell that is in g1 and a cell in g2...

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