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Why do clouds and precipitation usually occur along the frontal surface

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1. environmental factors, such as ph and temperature, can affect the function of an enzyme. a. true b. false 2. which of the following is an organic molecules (ex. vitamins) that an enzyme? a. coenzyme b. product c. active site d. substrate 3. how do enzymes effect the speed of a chemical reaction? a. they speed it up b. they slow it down c. they have no effect on the speed of a reaction 4. during a chemical reaction, an enzyme is used up so that it can only be used one time. a. true b. false 5. which of the following results from a chemical reaction that is catalyzed by an enzymes? a. active site b. product c. substrate d. coenzyme
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Match the examples to the correct level of organization. 1. system level roses, snakes, puppies 2. organism level roots, stamens, leaves 3. tissue level bone, cartilage, blood 4. organ level heart, veins, arteries
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Sperm pass through the and connect to a short ejaculatory duct. vas deferens prostrates seminiferous tubules none of the above
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Which of the following can be reduced by the use of renewable energy sources? a. social costs b. economic costs c. environmental costs d. all of the above select the best answer from the choices provided a b c d
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Why do clouds and precipitation usually occur along the frontal surface...

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