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What is the best definition of a eukaryotic cell?

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How does this experiment explain why it is often milder in areas such as coastal maryland while areas such as kansas or iowa have more extremes in temperature
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The human genome project is devoted to mapping the general dna sequence of our species. this could lead to the development of new medicines, as well as the possibility of using gene therapy to treat certain diseases. however, there are some ethical issues surrounding the mapping of individual genomes. one concern is a) that your genes may change over time, making the project useless. b) that insurance companies could discriminate based on genetic make-up. c) that since this has never been done before, we should probably not do it now. d) that sequencing our individual genomes is so expensive, it is a counter-productive strategy.
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Acommon kind of mechanical weathering is called
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Aflame cell is at the end of each tubule of the nephridium malpighian tubules kidneys none of the above
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