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Write a short story about the journey of a ribosome through transcription to translation to a protein from a narrative perspective as the ribosome. Explain the main process of Protein Synthesis from the perspective of the ribsome

include these vocabulary words:

Protein Synthesis, Amino Acid, Codon, Anticodon, Nucleotide, RNA: mRNA/ rRNA/tRNA DNA, RNA Polymerase, Transcription, Translation, Polypeptide, Genetic Code, Protein


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Archeologists have discovered three sites showing conclusive evidence for the mastery of fire in tanzania, from a period slightly after the time that homo habilis was present in africa. these sites clearly were founded by homo erectus, the descendent species of homo habilis that migrated north, out of africa and into asia. homo erectus was known to have mastered fire, from ample evidence at sites in asia. there is no reason to attribute mastery of fire to homo ergaster, the descendent species of homo habilis that remained in africa.which of the following is an assumption on which the argument depends? (a) before their migration, homo erectus occupied african territory as far south as tanzania.(b) the strain of migration provided the selective pressure motivating homo erectus‘ mastery of fire.(c) homo ergaster would not have derived as much benefit from the mastery of fire as did homo erectus.(d) homo ergaster inherited all cultural knowledge from homo habilis, a species that did not have mastery of fire.(e) homo ergaster did not occupy regions as far south as tanzania until well after the time of these three sites.
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Match the correct terms to their descriptions a system in which only energy but not matter is exchanged frozen water in snow part of geosphere that includes only soil a thin layer between the troposphere and the stratosphere cryosphere tropopause closed system pedosphere
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Where is having brightly colored feathers that attract mates most clearly an adaptation for a bird? a. a forest with dense vegetation b. a sandy beach beside an ocean c. a snowy tundra with little vegetation d. a swamp with many hawks that eat birds
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4. multiple crosses were made between true-breeding lines of black and yellow labrador retrievers. all the f1 progeny were black. when these progeny were intercrossed, they produced an f2 consisting of 91 black, 39 yellow and 30 chocolate. a. propose an explanation for the inheritance of coat color in labradors. b. propose a biochemical pathway for coat color determination and indicate how the relevant genes control coat coloration.
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