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Which bussiness will you be in or will you make your own?

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Newton industries is considering a project and has developed the following estimates: unit sales = 4,800, price per unit = $67, variable cost per unit = $42, annual fixed costs = $11,900. the depreciation is $14,700 a year and the tax rate is 34 percent. what effect would an increase of $1 in the selling price have on the operating cash flow?
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Using a cps-sample of 7,440 individuals, you estimate the following regression: = 20.91 - 2.61 x female where female is a binary variable that takes on the value of 1 for females and is 0 otherwise. the standard error on the coefficient on female is 0.25. the 95% confidence interval for the gender wage gap, or the amount that females earn less, is: a) [-3.10, -2.12] b) [18.30, 23.52] c) [-3.02, -2.20] d) [-1.96, -1.64]
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Kumar consulting operates several stock investment portfolios that are used by firms for investment of pension plan assets. last year, one portfolio had a realized return of 12.6 percent and a beta coefficient of 1.15. the average t-bond rate was 7 percent and the realized rate of return on the s& p 500 was 12 percent. what was the portfolio's alpha?
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On january 2, 2018, bering co. disposes of a machine costing $34,100 with accumulated depreciation of $18,369. prepare the entries to record the disposal under each of the following separate assumptions. exercise 8-24a part 2 2. the machine is traded in for a newer machine having a $50,600 cash price. a $16,238 trade-in allowance is received, and the balance is paid in cash. assume the asset exchange has commercial substance.
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