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Five trends in the past decade have significantly influenced the landscape of global marketing. one of them is

a. a decrease in most countries' gdps and a renewal of nationalism.
b. a more aggressive attitude toward initiating international tariffs and quota systems.
c. an increase in economic protectionism and a decline free trade.
d. an increase in most countries' gdps coupled with an increased degree of consumer ethnocentrism.
e. the growing prevalence of economic espionage.

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Jameson manages a well-known cell phone company. this company has been voted as having the best cell-phone service. consumers appreciate the fact that they can call from almost anywhere in the world and the service still gets through. jameson knows that the company's product far surpasses that of the competition. one thing has been bothering him, though. in order to put so many resources into ensuring the best service, jameson has cut back on employees at the firm's customer call center. recently, consumers have begun complaining about long wait times when they call in with a problem or concern. although its cell phone service is still considered one of the best, customer satisfaction with the firm's customer service has plummeted. jameson does not understand why consumers are getting so upset. he believes the exceptional cell phone service more than makes up for long waiting periods and other issues with its customer service. "after all," he says, "they can't have it all. if i invest more in customer service, that means less investment on ensuring the quality of our product offering."refer to scenario. jameson has asked you, a marketing consultant, to give him advice. he cannot understand how a cell-phone company with the best product offering in the cell-phone service industry could get such low satisfaction ratings simply because the customer service is not up to par. you suggest that jameson has a narrowly defined view of the company's product offering. you tell jameson that successful marketers should define their products as what they
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Which of these things did galileo not do? a. stop publishing his scientific work after being convicted of heresy b. invent the concept of acceleration c. experiment with rolling balls down ramps of increasing steepness to test how objects would fall d. argue that earth moves around the sun e. make up a thought experiment that indicated that objects would fall at the same rate
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This problem has been solved! see the answerchapter 19 problem #8. quality and financial control (connect, perform)part one: geometrica designs and builds domes and space frames for large buildings. while the company had developed quality standards over time to respond to different client problems and training needs, it lacked a unified quality system, and its global client base wanted assurance that geometrica met an established international standard for quality. which of the following was an appropriate step for this company to take? a) reform its accounting and financial reporting systems to comply with sarbanes-oxleyb) establish and document a quality management system to comply with iso 9000management at workyou are the new fleet manager at xpressship, a package delivery company. as your first project, your boss has asked that you to look into implementing an electronic monitoring system for the fleet of 2,000 trucks your company owns. a recent internal audit on maintenance and repair costs on the company’s vehicles revealed while maintenance was performed regularly on the trucks, mileage or use had not been taken into account. this resulted in approximately $20,000 of unneeded repairs. you know that telematics have been used by other companies with fleets of cars or trucks and it will allow your company to not only track mileage and use, but also part replacement needs, vehicle oil pressure, and drivers’ speed and real time location. tracking these items can reduce maintenance costs while improving efficiency. you find that a simple computer can be installed in each vehicle. when the drivers return at the end of the day, the telematics information from each vehicle will be uploaded to a master computer where a software program will generate a report with results on the variables you have selected.early one morning as you are getting a cup of coffee, a few drivers that have been with the company for many years approach you with some concerns. eldon, the most senior driver says, “i heard you’re installing some type of computer to track our driving. my buddy works over at parcel and post package delivery and he said they’ve got these computers, too. he said managers are writing people up and firing drivers for speeding or not wearing seat belts. are you going to do that to us, too? ”part two: as a manager, which of the following statements would be effective in maintaining a positive relationship with company drivers? check all that apply.a) at this time, xpressship will be using telematics to monitor maintenance and repair needs, not drivers’ motoring habitsb) although the company isn’t doing so now, when xpressship begins to monitor driver motoring habits, the company will encourage them to keep a separate daily log where they can document any unusual circumstancesc) while xpressship could monitor things like speed, location, and idle time, the company trusts their drivers and will not be using that data in disciplinary decisionsd) xpressship executives are happy with their technology and believe that implementation is ideal for your organization
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What should a food worker use to retrieve ice from an ice machine? ​
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