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Is there a tennis court in elrodo park answer asap

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You are the chief financial officer​ (cfo) of gaga​ enterprises, an edgy fashion design firm. your firm needs $ 12 million to expand production. how do you think the process of raising this money will vary if you raise it with the of a financial institution versus raising it directly in the financial​ markets?
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Following is a list of various costs incurred in producing replacement automobile parts. with respect to the production and sale of these auto parts, classify each cost as either variable costs, fixed costs, or mixed costs. 1. oil used in manufacturing equipment 2. plastic 3. property taxes, $165,000 per year on factory building and equipment 4. salary of plant manager 5. cost of labor for hourly workers 6. packaging 7. factory cleaning costs, $6,000 per month 8. metal 9. rent on warehouse, $10,000 per month plus $25 per square foot of storage used 10. property insurance premiums, $3,600 per month plus $0.01 for each dollar of property over $1,200,000 11. straight-line depreciation on the production equipment 12. hourly wages of machine operators 13. electricity costs, $0.20 per kilowatt-hour 14. computer chip (purchased from a vendor) 15. pension cost, $1.00 per employee hour on the job
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Renaldo scanlon is a financial consultant. he earns $30 per hour and works 32.5 hours a week. what is his straight-time pay?
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How does your household gain from specialization and comparative advantage? (what is produced, what is not produced yet paid to a specialist to produce? )
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