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Show me howcalculator make-or-buy decision zion manufacturing had always made its components in-house. however, bryce component works had recently offered to supply one component, k2, at a price of $12 each. zion uses 4,400 units of component k2 each year. the cost per unit of this component is as follows: direct materials $7.20 direct labor 2.50 variable overhead 1.44 fixed overhead 4.00 total $15.14 the fixed overhead is an allocated expense; none of it would be eliminated if production of component k2 stopped. required: 1. what are the alternatives facing zion manufacturing with respect to production of component k2? 2. list the relevant costs for each alternative. if required, round your answers to the nearest cent. total relevant cost make $ per unit buy $ per unit differential cost to make $ per unit if zion decides to purchase the component from bryce, by how much will operating income increase or decrease? $ 3. conceptual connection: which alternative is better?

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With inventory “lead time” is term used to describe the
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Awidower devised his fee simple interest in his residence as follows: “to my daughter for life, then to my oldest grandchild who survives her.” at the time of the widower’s death, he was survived by his only two children, a son and a daughter, and by one grandchild, his daughter’s son. a short time later, the daughter together with her son entered into a contract to sell the residence in fee simple to a buyer. the applicable jurisdiction continues to follow the common law rule against perpetuities, but has abrogated the rule in shelley’s case. at the closing, the buyer refused to purchase the residence. can the sellers compel the buyer to do so?
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Franklin purchases 40 percent of johnson company on january 1 for $552,000. although franklin did not use it, this acquisition gave franklin the ability to apply significant influence to johnson’s operating and financing policies. johnson reports assets on that date of $1,489,000 with liabilities of $555,000. one building with a seven-year remaining life life is undervalued on johnson’s books by $161,000. also, johnson’s book value for its trademark (10-year life) is undervalued by $285,000. during the year, johnson reports net income of $130,000 while declaring dividends of $70,000. what is the investment in johnson company balance (equity method) in franklin’s financial records as of december 31?
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Joe said “your speech was really great, i loved it.” his criticism lacks which component of effective feedback? a) he did not recognize his ethical obligations b) he did not focus on behavior c) he did not stress the positive d) he did not offer any specifics
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Show me howcalculator make-or-buy decision zion manufacturing had always made its components in-hous...
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