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J-matt, inc., had pretax accounting income of $305,000 and taxable income of $335,000 in 2018. the only difference between accounting and taxable income is estimated product warranty costs for sales this year. warranty payments are expected to be in equal amounts over the next three years. recent tax legislation will change the tax rate from the current 40% to 30% in 2020. determine the amounts necessary to record j-matt’s income taxes for 2018 and prepare the appropriate journal entry.

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Suppose the price of a complement to lcd televisions rises. what effect will this have on the market equilibrium for lcd tvs?
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Problem 2-18 job-order costing for a service company [lo2-1, lo2-2, lo2-3]speedy auto repairs uses a job-order costing system. the company's direct materials consist of replacement parts installed in customer vehicles, and its direct labor consists of the mechanics' hourly wages. speedy's overhead costs include various items, such as the shop manager's salary, depreciation of equipment, utilities, insurance, and magazine subscriptions and refreshments for the waiting room. the company applies all of its overhead costs to jobs based on direct labor-hours. at the beginning of the year, it made the following estimates: direct labor-hours required to support estimated output 10,000fixed overhead cost $ 90,000variable overhead cost per direct labor-hour $ 1.00 required: 1. compute the predetermined overhead rate.2. during the year, mr. wilkes brought in his vehicle to replace his brakes, spark plugs, and tires. the following information was available with respect to his job: direct materials $ 600direct labor cost $ 180direct labor-hours used 2 compute mr. wilkes' total job cost. 3. if speedy establishes its selling prices using a markup percentage of 30% of its total job cost, then how much would it have charged mr. wilkes?
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Uestion 7 you hold a portfolio consisting of a $5,000 investment in each of 20 different stocks. the portfolio beta is equal to 1.12. you have decided to sell a coal mining stock (b = 1.00) at $5,000 net and use the proceeds to buy a like amount of a mineral rights company stock (b = 2.00). what is the new beta of the portfolio?
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Explain whether each of the following events increases, decreases, or has no effect on the unemployment rate and the labor-force participation rate.a. after a long search, jon finds a job.b. tyrion, a full-time college student, graduates and is immediately employed.c. after an unsuccessful job search, arya gives up looking and retires.d. daenerys quits her job to become a stay-at-home mom.e. sansa has a birthday, becomes an adult, but has no interest in working.f. jaime has a birthday, becomes an adult, and starts looking for a job.g. cersei dies while enjoying retirement.h. jorah dies working long hours at the office.
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