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Benton lamps applies overhead using direct labor hours. budgeted total overhead cost was $472,000 and estimated direct labor hours were 118,000 for the first quarter. the standard direct labor quantity is 4 hours per lamp, and the company produced 9,800 lamps in january. this required 39,500 direct labor hours. what amount should be used for overhead applied in the total overhead variance calculation?

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Select the correct text in the passage.which sentences in the given passage explains the limitations of monetary policies? monetary policies - limitationsmonetary policies are set by the central bank to bring about growth in the can be achieved these policiesw at anden i sca poit would be fair to say that changes in the economy cannot be brought about instantly by monetary po des.monetary policy can only influence not control, economic growththe monetary policy makers do work on sining the perfect balance between demand and supply of money in the economy​
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Abank provides its customers mobile applications that significantly simplify traditional banking activities. for example, a customer can use a smartphone to take a picture of a check and electronically deposit into an account. this unique service demonstrates the bank’s desire to practice which one of porter’s strategies?
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Over the past decade, brands that were once available only to the wealthy have created more affordable product extensions, giving a far broader range of consumers a taste of the good life. jaguar, for instance, launched its x-type sedan, which starts at $30,000 and is meant for the "almost rich" consumer who aspires to live in luxury. by marketing to people who desire a luxurious lifestyle, jaguar is using:
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1. regarding general guidelines for the preparation of successful soups, which of the following statements is true? a. thick soups made with starchy vegetables may thin during storage. b. soups should be seasoned throughout the cooking process. c. finish a cream soup well before serving it to moderate the flavor. d. consommés take quite a long time to cool.
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Benton lamps applies overhead using direct labor hours. budgeted total overhead cost was $472,000 an...
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