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Kerry finds a big green ring in the street. she shows it to leroy, who says, "wow. that could be valuable." neither kerry nor leroy knows what the ring is made of or whether it is valuable. kerry sells the ring to leroy for $100, saying, "don’t come griping if it turns out to be worth two dollars." leroy takes the ring to a jeweler who tells him it is an unusually perfect emerald, worth at least $75,000. kerry sues to rescind (cancel a ) kerry will win based on fraud.(b) kerry will win based on mutual mistake.(c) kerry will win based on unilateral mistake.(d) kerry will lose.

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Anewspaper boy is trying to perfect his business in order to maximize the money he can save for a new car. daily paper sales are normally distributed, with a mean of 100 and standard deviation of 10. he sells papers for $0.50 and pays $0.30 for them. unsold papers are trashed with no salvage value. how many papers should he order each day and what % of the time will he experience a stockout? are there any drawbacks to the order size proposed and how could the boy address such issues?
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50 points mark brainliest 1) the information in the interactive presentation suggests that people a) utilize the perception of others rather that out own perception b) learn more about the positive aspects of perception c) should monitor how perceptual barriers influence our relationship d) spend more times on our personal relationships rather than our professional relationships 2) you are about to take the dog out for a walk but pause to watch the news because you hear the name of your town being mentioned hearing your town being mentioned on the news is an example of a) stimulation b) interaction c) organization d) interpretation- evaluation 3) tamara thinks ivan is upset with her because hes been unusually quiet today to better interpret the situation and communicate appropriately tamara should a) ask ivan why hes quiet and explain that hes being inconsiderate b) leave ivan alone because hes obviously going through something c) ask her guidance counselor for tips on providing therapy to a friend d) examine her own perception and then check in with ivan about his behavior 4) of the following abilities which is the most important to the perceptual checking process a) critical thinking ability b) creative ability c) memorizing ability d) organizational ability
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Samantha is interested in setting up her own accounting firm and wants to specialize in the area of accounting that has experienced the most significant growth in recent years. which area of accounting should she choose as her specialty? samantha should choose as her specialty.
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(a) what was the opportunity cost of non-gm food for many buyers before 2008? (b) why did they prefer the alternative? (c) what was the opportunity cost in 2008? (d) why did it change?
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Kerry finds a big green ring in the street. she shows it to leroy, who says, "wow. that could be val...
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