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In 2019 hill corporation reported a net operating loss of $10,300 that it carried forward to 2020. in 2019 hill also reported a net capital loss of $4,200 that it carried forward to 2020. in 2020, ignoring any carryovers from other years, hill reported a loss for tax purposes of $58,500. the current-year loss includes a $12,700 net capital gain. what is hill’s 2020 net operating loss?

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Why do investors decline to participate in a venture?
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​crow design, inc. is a web site design and consulting firm. the firm uses a job order costing system in which each client is a different job. crow design assigns direct​ labor, licensing​ costs, and travel costs directly to each job. it allocates indirect costs to jobs based on a predetermined overhead allocation​ rate, computed as a percentage of direct labor costs. direct labor hours (professional) 6,250 hours direct labor costs ($1,800,000 support staff salaries ,000 computer ,000 office ,000 office ,000 in november 2012, crow design served several clients. records for two clients appear here: delicious treats mesilla chocolates direct labor 700 hours 100 hours software licensing $ 4,000 $400 travel costs 8,000 1. compute crow design’s direct labor rate and its predetermined indirect cost allocation rate for 2012. 2. compute the total cost of each job. 3. if simone wants to earn profits equal to 50% of service revenue, how much (what fee) should she charge each of these two clients? 4. why does crow design assign costs to jobs?
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Match the terms with the appropriate definition. 1. work done for pay job 2. series of related jobs based on knowledge, training, tasks performed, interests, and experience career 3. buying or selling products and services using the internet mediation 4. wage amount after deductions are withheld net wage 5. a way a person chooses to live his or her life e-commerce 6. the people who are both able and willing to work technology 7. unequal treatment of others based on a bias concerning a person’s characteristics such as race, religion, gender, or age discrimination 8. the act of sharing information lifestyle 9. the use of a third party to make suggestions workforce 10. knowledge and tools used to perform tasks communication
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Do a swot analysis for the business idea you chose in question 2 above. describe at least 2 strengths, 2 weaknesses, 2 opportunities, and 2 threats for that company idea.
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In 2019 hill corporation reported a net operating loss of $10,300 that it carried forward to 2020. i...
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