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Kate holds a middle-management position with a large corporation. she prefers to involve her subordinates in decision making. she also favors allowing workers a fair amount of flexibility in how they do their jobs. kate’s approach to management exemplifies the principles first popularized by max weber.

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Prior to its closing, income summary had total debits of $1,190,500 and total credits of $1,476,300. what purpose is served by the income summary account and what is the nature of the entries that resulted in the $1,190,500 and the $1,476,300? the income summary account is used to the accounts. the $1,190,500 represents the , and the $1,476,300 represents . the company had of $ .
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True or false: banks are required to make electronically deposited funds available on the same day of the deposit
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Heather has been an active participant in a defined benefit plan for 19 years. during her last 6 years of employment, heather earned $42,000, $48,000, $56,000, $80,000, $89,000, and $108,000, respectively (representing her highest-income years). calculate heather’s maximum allowable benefits from her qualified plan (assume that there are fewer than 100 participants). assume that heather’s average compensation for her three highest years is $199,700. calculate her maximum allowable benefits.
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Joint cost cheyenne, inc. produces three products from a common input. the joint costs for a typical quarter follow: direct materials $45,000 direct labor 55,000 overhead 60,000 the revenues from each product are as follows: product a $75,000 product b 80,000 product c 30,000 management is considering processing product a beyond the split-off point, which would increase the sales value of product a to $116,000. however, to process product a further means that the company must rent some special equipment costing $17,500 per quarter. additional materials and labor also needed would cost $12,650 per quarter. a. what is the gross profit currently being earned by the three products for one quarter? $answer b. what is the effect on quarterly profits if the company decides to process product a further? $answer
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Kate holds a middle-management position with a large corporation. she prefers to involve her subordi...
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