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Data concerning the pizzeria's costs appear below: fixed cost cost per cost per per month pizza delivery pizza ingredients $3.80 kitchen staff $5,200 utilities $630 $0.05 delivery person $5.50 delivery vehicle $540 $1.50 equipment depreciation $275 rent $1,830 miscellaneous $820 $0.15 total $9,295 data concerning the pizzeria's operations in november appear below: actual results pizzas 1,240 revenue 17,420 $ deliveries 178 costs 14,785 $ net operating income 2,635 $ what is the activity variance for net operating income in november ?

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Aproperty speculator is considering an investment in land that will be developed. he expects to invest r1 500 000 in the land. it will not be developed for three years, but at the end of year 3, he expects a cash flow of r250 000. in years 4 and 5, the cash flow will increase to r350 000, and at the end of year 5 he expects to sell the land for r1 850 000. due to the risky nature of the investment, he requires a 13.67% return. the net present value of this investment is closest to:
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During 2018, blossom company purchased the net assets of may corporation for $2300000. on the date of the transaction, may had $600000 of liabilities. the fair value of may's assets when acquired were as follows: current assets $1080000 noncurrent assets 1920000 $3000000 how should the $700000 difference between the fair value of the net assets acquired ($3000000) and the cost ($2300000) be accounted for by blossom?
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If a product goes up in price, and the demand for it drops, that product's demand is a. elastic b. inelastic c. stable d. fixed select the best answer from the choices provided
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Shawn received an e-mail offering a great deal on music, movie, and game downloads. he has never heard of the company, and the e-mail address and company name do not match. what should shawn do?
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Data concerning the pizzeria's costs appear below: fixed cost cost per cost per per month pizza del...
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