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The matsui lubricants plant uses the fifo method to account for its work-in-process inventories. the accounting records show the following information for a particular day: beginning wip inventory direct materials $ 976 conversion costs 272 current period costs direct materials 11,440 conversion costs 6,644 quantity information is obtained from the manufacturing records and includes the following: beginning inventory 600 units (60% complete as to materials,53% complete as to conversion)current period units started 4,000 units ending inventory 1,200 units (40% complete as to materials,20% complete as to conversion)question 1: required informationrequired: (1) compute the equivalent units for the materials and conversion cost calculations.(2) compute the cost per equivalent unit for direct materials and for conversion costs using the fifo method. (round your answers to 2 decimal places.)question 2: required informationcompute the cost of goods transferred out and the ending inventory using the fifo method. (do not round intermediate calculations.)

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The following is a summary of all relevant transactions of sheffield corporation since it was organized in 2017. in 2017, 15,500 shares were authorized and 6,800 shares of common stock ($50 par value) were issued at a price of $58. in 2018, 1,000 shares were issued as a stock dividend when the stock was selling for $60. 310 shares of common stock were bought in 2019 at a cost of $64 per share. these 310 shares are still in the company treasury. in 2018, 9,800 preferred shares were authorized and the company issued 5,200 of them ($100 par value) at $121. some of the preferred stock was reacquired by the company and later reissued for $4,870 more than it cost the company. the corporation has earned a total of $670,700 in net income after income taxes and paid out a total of $311,200 in cash dividends since incorporation. prepare the stockholders’ equity section of the balance sheet in proper form for sheffield corporation as of december 31, 2019. account for treasury stock using the cost method.
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Complete the sentences. upper a decrease in current income taxes​ the supply of loanable funds today because it​ a. decreases​; increases disposable​ income, which decreases saving b. has no effect​ on; doesn't change expected future disposable income c. decreases​; decreases expected future disposable income d. increases​; increases disposable​ income, which encourages greater saving upper a decrease in expected future income​ a. increases the supply of loanable funds today because households with smaller expected future income will save more today b. has no effect on the supply of loanable funds c. decreases the supply of loanable funds because it decreases wealth d. decreases the supply of loanable funds today because households with smaller expected future income will save less today
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The management of an industrial distributor has been rethinking its distribution network. historically, the firm has operated with a large number of distribution centers (dcs) that are all roughly the same size. however, management has been considering combining a number of its distribution centers (dcs). it recently combined five dcs in one metro area into one and found that it saved $1,000,000 per year in holding costs from reduced safety stock levels. in a different city, they are now considering combining four dcs into one facility. management believes that this will save the firm about $800,00 per year from reduced safety stock. is management's estimate accurate? if so, explain why. if not, explain whether you would expect savings to be higher or lower than $800,000 per year.
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Turtle corporation produces and sells a single product. data concerning that product appear below: per unit percent of sales selling price $ 150 100 % variable expenses 75 50 % contribution margin $ 75 50 % the company is currently selling 5,600 units per month. fixed expenses are $194,000 per month. the marketing manager believes that a $5,300 increase in the monthly advertising budget would result in a 190 unit increase in monthly sales. what should be the overall effect on the company's monthly net operating income of this change?
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The matsui lubricants plant uses the fifo method to account for its work-in-process inventories. the...

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