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Aus firm is bidding for a contract required by the swiss government. the firm will not know until three months from now, whether the bid is accepted. the firm will need swiss francs to cover expenses but will be paid by the swiss government in dollars if it is awarded the contract. the us firm can best insulate itself against exchange rate exposure by: a. buying swiss franc call options. b. buying swiss franc put options; c. selling swiss franc futures; d. buying swiss franc futures;

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Homestead jeans co. has an annual plant capacity of 65,000 units, and current production is 45,000 units. monthly fixed costs are $54,000, and variable costs are $29 per unit. the present selling price is $42 per unit. on november 12 of the current year, the company received an offer from dawkins company for 18,000 units of the product at $32 each. dawkins company will market the units in a foreign country under its own brand name. the additional business is not expected to affect the domestic selling price or quantity of sales of homestead jeans co. a. prepare a differential analysis dated november 12 on whether to reject (alternative 1) or accept (alternative 2) the dawkins order. if an amount is zero, enter zero "0". for those boxes in which you must enter subtracted or negative numbers use a minus sign.
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As a response to a rapidly changing marketplace, idea electronics found it necessary to restructure, including a significant downsize of its middle management. this action will likely result in acquiring additional firms. flattening the organization and empowering employees, allowing them to get closer to the customer. increasing the size of its traditional departments to handle 24/7 operations. centralizing its decision making to better control its total quality management program. none of the above
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Mr. smith recently faced a choice between being (a) an economics profes-sor, which pays $60,000/yr, or (b) a safari leader, which pays $50,000/yr. after careful deliberation, smith took the safari job, but it was a close call. "for a dollar more," he said, "i'd have gone the other way."now smith's brother-in-law approaches him with a business proposition. the terms are as follows: - smith must resign his safari job to work full-time in his brother-in-law's business.- smith must give his brother-in-law an interest-free loan of $100,000, which will be repaid in full if and when smith leaves the business. (smith currently has much more than $100,000 in the the business will pay smith a salary of $70,000/yr. he will receive no other payment from the business. the interest rate is 10 percent per year. apart from salary considerations, smith feels that working in the business would be just as enjoyable as being an economics professor. for simplicity, assume there is no uncertainty regarding either smith's salary in the proposed business or the security of his monetary investment in it. should smith join his brother-in-law and, if so, how small would smith's salary from the business have to be to make it not worthwhile for him to join? if not, how large would smith's salary from the business have to be to make it worthwhile for him to join?
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Which of the following statements is true regarding the reporting of outside interests and the management of conflicts? investigators are responsible for developing their own management plans for significant financial interests. the institution must report identified financial conflicts of interest to the u. s. office of research integrity. investigators must disclose their significant financial interests related to their institutional responsibilities and not just those related to a particular project. investigators must disclose all of their financial interests regardless of whether they are related to a research project.
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