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Goshen industrial sales has sales of $487,600, total equity of $367,700, a profit margin of 5.1 percent, and a debt-equity ratio of .34. what is the return on assets? 5.89 percent5.05 percent6.76 percent8.80 percent7.33 percent

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Following are the transactions for valdez services. the company paid $2,000 cash for payment on a 6-month-old account payable for office supplies. the company paid $1,200 cash for the just completed two-week salary of the receptionist. the company paid $39,000 cash for equipment purchased. the company paid $800 cash for this month’s utilities. the company paid $4,500 cash in dividends to the owner (sole shareholder). examine the above transactions and identify those that create expenses for valdez services. prepare general journal entries to record those transactions that created expenses in the above given order.
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Jennifer purchased a house in a brand new development in the outskirts of town. when her house was built, the nearest fire department was nearly 20 miles away. as her neighborhood developed, the density of the community called for a new fire department 1.5 miles away. what effect will the new fire station have on her homeowners insurance premium? a. a new fire department will be more demanding on local taxes. her annual premium will go up. b. the location of a fire department has no bearing on the value of her house. her annual premium will stay the same. c. the new fire department will reduce the risk of financial loss in her home. her annual premium should decrease. d. with a fire department so close (less than 5 miles), financial risk on jennifer’s home practically disappears. she will not need to pay insurance anymore.
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To pursue a career in business information management, you need to have a degree or diploma in , or in business information management. you can also have certification in management information systems (mis), or a(n) degree in it.
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Why does the study stare that “ unless you are sleeping, it is almost impossible not to be communicating”?
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Goshen industrial sales has sales of $487,600, total equity of $367,700, a profit margin of 5.1 perc...

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