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Kenny, inc., is looking at setting up a new manufacturing plant in south park. the company bought some land six years ago for $7.3 million in anticipation of using it as a warehouse and distribution site, but the company has since decided to rent facilities elsewhere. the land would net $10.1 million if it were sold today. the company now wants to build its new manufacturing plant on this land; the plant will cost $21.3 million to build, and the site requires $880,000 worth of grading before it is suitable for construction.

required: what is the proper cash flow amount to use as the initial investment in fixed assets when evaluating this project? (do not include the dollar sign ($). enter your answer in dollars (e. g., 1,234,567), not millions of dollars.)

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The proliferation of bittorrent and other file sharing media have threatened the copyright system. based on an understanding of incentives and opportunity cost, how are the decisions of musicians likely impacted?
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Match each of the terms below with an example that fits the term. a. fungibility the production of gasoline b. inelasticity the switch from coffee to tea c. non-excludability the provision of national defense d. substitution the demand for cigarettes
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Exercise 15-7 crawford corporation incurred the following transactions. 1. purchased raw materials on account $53,000. 2. raw materials of $45,200 were requisitioned to the factory. an analysis of the materials requisition slips indicated that $9,400 was classified as indirect materials. 3. factory labor costs incurred were $65,400, of which $50,200 pertained to factory wages payable and $15,200 pertained to employer payroll taxes payable. 4. time tickets indicated that $55,000 was direct labor and $10,400 was indirect labor. 5. manufacturing overhead costs incurred on account were $81,700. 6. depreciation on the company’s office building was $8,100. 7. manufacturing overhead was applied at the rate of 160% of direct labor cost. 8. goods costing $89,400 were completed and transferred to finished goods. 9. finished goods costing $76,000 to manufacture were sold on account for $105,100. journalize the transactions. (credit account titles are automatically indented when amount is entered. do not indent manually.) no. account titles and explanation debit credit (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (to record the sale) (to record the cost of the sale) click if you would like to show work for this question: open show work
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Aproperty title search firm is contemplating using online software to increase its search productivity. currently an average of 40 minutes is needed to do a title search. the researcher cost is $2 per minute. clients are charged a fee of $400. company a's software would reduce the average search time by 10 minutes, at a cost of $3.50 per search. company b's software would reduce the average search time by 12 minutes at a cost of $3.60 per search. which option would have the higher productivity in terms of revenue per dollar of input?
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Kenny, inc., is looking at setting up a new manufacturing plant in south park. the company bought so...

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