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Amonopolist sells in two different markets and charges the same price of $10 in both markets. in market a, the demand curve is described by qd = 50 – 2p. in market b, the demand curve is described by qd = 60 – p. if the monopolist lowers prices by $1 in the market with the more elastic demand and raises prices by $1 in the market with the more inelastic demand curve, by how much does its total revenue change? a) $27 b) $459 c) $767 d) $308

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Dodd corporation uses the weighted-average method in its process costing system. this month, the beginning inventory in the first processing department consisted of 400 units. the costs and percentage completion of these units in beginning inventory were:
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Amanda manufacturing company prepared the following static budget income statement: revenues $ 125,000 variable costs (75,000 ) contribution margin 50,000 fixed costs (30,000 ) net income $ 20,000 the budgeted costs were based on a planned sales volume of 5,000 units. actual production was 6,000 units. the amount of net income based on a flexible budget of 6,000 units would have been multiple choice $24,000. $26,000. $30,000. $45,000.
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Virtually all economists agree that sales taxes are regressive, and the burden of the sales tax falls most heavily on those with lower incomes. most consider this to be unfair. which of the following statements correctly explain why most states have a sales tax? i. the sales tax gives the poor an incentive to work harder. ii. there are more poor people so to have them pay their fair share, they have to pay a higher percentage. iii. the sales tax is relatively easy for the state and local governments to collect. iv. if the rich pay most of the income taxes in america, then the poor can pay the sales tax. v. states without sales taxes tend to have the lowest average incomes.
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Apharmaceutical packaging company (ppc) has decided to reorganize its processes into cells. the company has four different production operations, each requiring a unique piece of equipment. the names and functions of the four pieces of equipment are sort, count, place, and package. the company packages five different families of products (a, b, c, d, and e). the tables below indicate the demand (total units/day by product family), required operations, and operation cycle times for each product family. assume that any individual piece of equipment is available to operate 16 hours/day, but 2 hours (in total) are lost each day on each piece of equipment due to breaks and meetings when operators are not available to operate the equipment. how many minutes/day are available for production
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Amonopolist sells in two different markets and charges the same price of $10 in both markets. in mar...

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