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Afinancial planner is examining the portfolios held by several of her clients. which of the following portfolios is likely to have the smallest standard deviation

a. portfolio with 10 randomly selected international stocks

b a portfolio with 10 randomly selected stocks from us and international markets

c. a portfolio with 10 randomly selected us stocks

based on your understanding of portfolio risk, identify whether each statement is true or false

a portfolio's risk is likely to be smaller than the average of all stocks standard diversification because diversification lowers the portfolio's risk
because of the effects of diversifications, the portfolio's risk is likely to be more than the average of all stocks standard deviations

portfolio risk will increase if more stocks that are negatively correlated with other stocks are added to the porfolio
the unsystematic risk component of the total portfolio risk can be reduced by adding negatively correlated stocks to the portfolio

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Afinancial planner is examining the portfolios held by several of her clients. which of the followin...

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