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Which budget or budget type should be used to meet the following​ needs? a. upper management is planning for the next five years. b. a store manager wants to plan for different levels of sales. c. the accountant wants to determine if the company will have sufficient funds to pay expenses. d. the ceo wants to make companywide plans for the next year.

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In general, as long as the number of firms that possess a particular valuable resource or capability is less than the number of firms needed to generate perfect competition dynamics in an industry, that resource or capability can be considered and a potential source of competitive advantage.answers: valuablerareinimitableun-substitutable
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Two carpenters who are very talented at laying hardwood floors have been laid off from a large company in which they put floors down in high rise buildings. the worsening economy has resulted in hardly any high rise buildings being constructed and no more multi-million dollar commercial contracts for the firm so they are dropping a great number of employees from the payroll. the two carpenters have decided to go out on their own and see if they can get small residential jobs. what do you suggest that they do as they proceed into this new area?
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Frolic corporation has budgeted sales and production over the next quarter as follows. the company has 4100 units of product on hand at july 1. 10% of the next months sales in units should be on hand at the end of each month. october sales are expected to be 72000 units. budgeted sales for september would be: july august september sales in units 41,500 53,500 ? production in units 45,700 53,800 58,150
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What is your emotional response to apple and which law has driven this emotional response?
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Which budget or budget type should be used to meet the following​ needs? a. upper management is pla...
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