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25. suppose you are the manager of a bank that has $15 million of fixed-rate assets, $30 million of ratesensitive assets, $25 million of fixed-rate liabilities, and $20 million of rate-sensitive liabilities. conduct a gap analysis for the bank, and show what will happen to bank profits if interest rates rise by 5 percentage points. what actions could you take to reduce the bank’s interest-rate risk? mishkin, frederic s.. economics of money, banking and financial markets, the (what's new in economics) (p. 215). pearson education. kindle edition.

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Juwana was turned down for a car loan by a local credit union she thought her credit was good what should her first step be
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Which of the following tasks would be a line cook's main responsibility? oa. frying french fries ob. chopping onions oc. taking inventory of stocked dry goods od. paying invoices
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An electronics store is running a promotion where for every video game purchased, the customer receives a coupon upon checkout to purchase a second game at a 50% discount. the coupons expire in one year. the store normally recognized a gross profit margin of 40% of the selling price on video games. how would the store account for a purchase using the discount coupon?
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25. suppose you are the manager of a bank that has $15 million of fixed-rate assets, $30 million of...

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