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18 year old male with left leg injury – doesn't move when instructed, however is able to wave. the injury is spurting blood (arterial bleeding). his pulse is 110, respirations are 20. a tourniquet has been placed and the bleeding is controlled. what is the most appropriate triage category? select one:

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Andrew cooper decides to become a part owner of a corporation. as a part owner, he expects to receive a profit as payment because he has assumed the risk of - serious inflation eroding the purchasing power of his investment.- being paid before the suppliers and employees are paid.- losing his home, car, and life savings.- losing the money he has invested in the corporation and not receiving profits.- the company giving all of the profits to local communities
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John is a 45-year-old manager who enjoys playing basketball in his spare time with his teenage sons and their friends. at work he finds that he is better able to solve problems that come up because of his many years of experience, but while on the court, he finds he is not as good keeping track of the ball while worrying about the other players. john's experience is:
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How long have u been on dis website
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9. tax types: taxes are classified based on whether they are applied directly to income, called direct taxes, or to some other measurable performance characteristic of the firm, called indirect taxes. identify each of the following as a “direct tax,” an “indirect tax,” or something else: a. corporate income tax paid by a japanese subsidiary on its operating income b. royalties paid to saudi arabia for oil extracted and shipped to world markets c. interest received by a u. s. parent on bank deposits held in london d. interest received by a u. s. parent on a loan to a subsidiary in mexico e. principal repayment received by u. s. parent from belgium on a loan to a wholly owned subsidiary in belgium f. excise tax paid on cigarettes manufactured and sold within the united states g. property taxes paid on the corporate headquarters building in seattle h. a direct contribution to the international committee of the red cross for refugee relief i. deferred income tax, shown as a deduction on the u. s. parent’s consolidated income tax j. withholding taxes withheld by germany on dividends paid to a united kingdom parent corporation
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18 year old male with left leg injury – doesn't move when instructed, however is able to wave. the i...

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