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2import demand (25 points)a) (10 points) draw a domestic market for sugar with a supply ofp=.2 +.1qs(note: price is per poundand quantity is measured in thousands of tons) and a demand ofp= 5−.2qd. b) (5 points) if the world price of sugar is $1.20, how much money do consumers spend on importedsugar? econ 333 hw 2page 2c) (5 points) if a tariff of $0.20/pound is imposed, how many pounds of sugar are imported? d) (5 points) draw the import demand curve for sugar in the domestic market. be sure to label youraxes and intercepts.

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Danny "dimes" donahue is a neighborhood's 9-year-old entrepreneur. his most recent venture is selling homemade brownies that he bakes himself. at a price of $2 each, he sells 100. at a price of $1.5 each, he sells 300. instructions: round your answer to 1 decimal place. a. what is the elasticity of demand? 3.50 â± 0.1 . b. is demand elastic or inelastic over this price range? . c. if demand had the same elasticity for a price decline from $1.5 to $1 as it does for the decline from $2 to $1.5, would cutting the price from $1.5 to $1 increase or decrease danny's total revenue? .
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Cosmetic profits. sally is the executive vice president of big name cosmetics company. through important and material, nonpublic information, she learns that the company is soon going to purchase a smaller chain of stores. it is expected that stock in big name cosmetics will rise dramatically at that point. sally immediately buys a number of shares of her company's stock. she also tells her friend alice about the expected purchase of stores. alice wanted to purchase stock in the company but lacked the funds with which to do so. although she did not have the funds in bank a, alice decided to draw a check on bank a and deposit the check in bank b and then proceed to write a check on bank b to cover the purchase of the stock. she hoped that she would have sufficient funds to deposit before the check was presented for payment. of which of the following offenses, if any, is alice guilty of by buying stock?
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Hi inr 2002 class! i just uploaded a detailed study guide for this class. you can check-out a free preview by following the link below feel free to reach-out to me if you need a study buddy or have any questions. goodluck!
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Which are the best examples of costs that should be considered when creating a project budget?
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2import demand (25 points)a) (10 points) draw a domestic market for sugar with a supply ofp=.2 +.1qs...

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