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Portfolio managers pick stocks for their clients’ portfolios based on the investment objective of the portfolio and several other factors. one key consideration is each stock’s contribution to portfolio risk and its statistical relationship with the portfolio’s other stocks. based on your understanding of portfolio risk, which of the following statements are true? check all that apply. a) the market risk component of the total portfolio risk can be reduced by randomly adding stocks to the portfolio.

b) the risk in the portfolio will increase if more stocks that are negatively correlated with other stocks are added to the portfolio.

c) the portfolio's risk is not the weighted average of the individual stock standard deviations.

c) when returns on stock a increases, returns on stock b also increases. in general, this would mean that stocks a and b are positively correlated.

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The former chairman of the federal​ reserve, alan​ greenspan, used the term​ "irrational exuberance" in 1996 to describe the high levels of optimism among stock market investors at the time. stock market indexes such as the​ s& p composite price index were at an​ all-time high. some commentators believed that the fed should intervene to slow the expansion of the economy. why would central banks want to clamp down when the economy is​ growing? a. to block the formation of unsustainable speculative asset bubbles. b. to curtail excessive profits in the banking system. c. to prevent inflationary forces from gathering momentum. d. all of the above. e. a and c only.
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Portfolio managers pick stocks for their clients’ portfolios based on the investment objective of th...
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