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Which button in the print preview tab allows users to set specific margins on the page of a report?
text formatting
page setup

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On january 2, year 1, polk borrowed $60,000 and used the proceeds to purchase 90% of the outstanding common shares of strass. this debt is payable in ten equal annual principal payments, plus interest, beginning december 30, year 1. the excess cost of the investment over strass' book value of acquired net assets should be allocated 60% to inventory and 40% to goodwill. on january 1, year 1, the fair value of strass shares held by noncontrolling parties was $10,000. stockholders' equity including noncontrolling interests should be
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Afederal agency recorded the receipt of supplies at an actual cost of $57,000. at the time the purchase orders were issued it was estimated the supplies would cost $56,000. how would this transaction be recorded in the proprietary track accounts? a. it would not be recorded in the proprietary track; it would only be recorded in the budgetary track. b. debit operating materials and supplies $57,000 and credit accounts payable $57,000. c. debit unexpended appropriations $57,000 and credit appropriations used $57,000. d. debit operating materials and supplies $57,000 and unexpended appropriations $57,000; credit accounts payable $57,000 and appropriations used $57,000
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The owners of backstreets italian restaurant are considering starting a delivery service forpizza and their other italian dishes in the small college town where they are located. theycan purchase a used delivery van and have it painted with their name and logo for $21,500.they can hire part-time drivers who will work in the evenings from 5 p. m. to 10 p. m. for$8 per hour. the drivers are mostly college students who study at the restaurant when theyare not making deliveries. during the day, there are so few deliveries that the regular employeescan handle them. the owners estimate that the van will last 5 years (365 days per year)before it has to be replaced and that each delivery will cost about $1.35 in gas and othermaintenance costs (including tires, oil, scheduled service, they also estimate that onaverage each delivery order will cost $15 for direct labor and ingredients to prepare andpackage, and will generate $34 in revenue. a. how many delivery orders must backstreets make each month in order for the service to break even? b. the owners believe that if they have approximately the break-even number of deliveries during the week, they will at least double that number on fridays, saturdays, and sundays. if that’s the case, how much profit will they make, at a minimum, from their delivery service each month (4 weeks per month)?
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The beach dude (bd) employs a legion of current and former surfers as salespeople who push its surfing-oriented products to various customers (usually retail outlets). this case describes bd's sales and collection process. each bd salesperson works with a specific group of customers throughout the year. in fact, they often surf with their customers to try out the latest surf gear. the bd salespeople act laid-back, but they work hard for their sales. each sale often involves hours of surfing with their customers while the customers sample all the latest surf wear. because bd makes the best surfing products, the customers look forward to the visits from the bd salespeople. and they often buy a lot of gear. each sale is identified by a unique invoice number and usually involves many different products. customers pay for each sale in full within 30 days, but they can combine payments for multiple sales. bd manages its clothing inventory by item (e. g., xl bd surfer logo t-shirts), identified by product number, but it also classifies the items by clothing line (the lines are differentiated by price points as well as the intended use of the clothing, e. g., surfing products, casual wear, . draw a uml class diagram that describes the beach dudes sales and collection process. b. using microsoft access, implement a relational database from your uml class diagram. identify at least three fields per table. c. describe how you would use the relational database to determine the beach dude’s accounts receivable.
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Which button in the print preview tab allows users to set specific margins on the page of a report?...

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