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John has just taken a job in the marketing department with the shelling company. after just a few days on the job, john has learned that the company has many layers of management, and seems to have a rule to cover almost every situation. these conditions suggest that shelling company is a(n)
a. cross-functional organization.
b. bureaucratic organization.

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Shareholders of tesla recently expressed concerns that elon musk should give up some of his power on tesla's board by appointing two independent directors. which of the following is not a reason why elon musk is perceived to have significant power over tesla's board? 1. he is the founder of the firm and a successful entrepreneur, thus board members may be hesitant to challenge him.2. as the ceo and chairman of the firm he can easily determine what the board should discuss and how it should vote on strategic issues.3. all board members, except for kimbal, have been appointed to the board during elon's tenure.4. many of the firm's directors are outsider investment managers whose interests would not be aligned with those of firms' shareholders.
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Kenney co. uses process costing to account for the production of canned energy drinks. direct materials are added at the beginning of the process and conversion costs are incurred uniformly throughout the process. equivalent units have been calculated to be 19,200 units for materials and 16,000 units for conversion costs. beginning inventory consisted of $11,200 in materials and $6,400 in conversion costs. april costs were $57,600 for materials and $64,000 for conversion costs. ending inventory still in process was 6,400 units (100% complete for materials, 50% for conversion). the total cost per unit using the weighted average method would be closest to:
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Based on the supply and demand theory, why do medical doctors earn higher wages than child-care workers?
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Look at this check register. calculate the current balance. check date transaction (+) deposit balance 5/1 5/3 $82.92 debit 8.00 78.24 005 monthly fee phone bill paycheck 1 125.00 5/15 5/17 5/20 atm 40.00 56.50 006 t ennis lessons the current balance is?
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John has just taken a job in the marketing department with the shelling company. after just a few da...
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