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Polk co. acquires a forklift from quest co. for $30,000. the terms require polk to pay $3,000 down and finance the remaining $27,000. on march 1, year 1, polk pays the $3,000 down and accepted delivery of the forklift. polk signed a note that requires polk to pay principal payments of $1,000 per month for 27 months beginning july 1, year 1. what amount should polk report as an investing activity in the statement of cash flows for the year ended december 31, year 1?
a. $3,000
b. $9,000
c. $12,000
d. $30,000

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On january 1, 20xx, abc company acquired equipment for $100,000. the estimated life of the equipment is 4 years or 50,000 hours. the estimated salvage (residual) value is $20,000. what is the amount of depreciation expense at the end of the year on 12/31/20xx, if abc company uses the asset for 4,000 hours and uses the straightline calculation method?
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Acorporation is authorized to sell 1,200,000 shares of common stock. today there are 450,000 shares outstanding, and the board of directors declares a 8% stock dividend. how many shares will be issued as a stock dividend?
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The 2016 financial statements of the new york times company reveal average shareholders’ equity attributable to controlling interest of $837,283 thousand, net operating profit after tax of $48,032 thousand, net income attributable to the new york times company of $29,068 thousand, and average net operating assets of $354,414 thousand. the company's return on net operating assets (rnoa) for the year is: select one: a. 3.5% b. 6.9% c. 13.6% d. 18.7% e. there is not enough information to calculate the ratio.
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Virtually all economists agree that sales taxes are regressive, and the burden of the sales tax falls most heavily on those with lower incomes. most consider this to be unfair. which of the following statements correctly explain why most states have a sales tax? i. the sales tax gives the poor an incentive to work harder. ii. there are more poor people so to have them pay their fair share, they have to pay a higher percentage. iii. the sales tax is relatively easy for the state and local governments to collect. iv. if the rich pay most of the income taxes in america, then the poor can pay the sales tax. v. states without sales taxes tend to have the lowest average incomes.
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Polk co. acquires a forklift from quest co. for $30,000. the terms require polk to pay $3,000 down a...
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