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Every time the fed buys or sells on the open market, the changes.

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On january 1, 2008, kinney, inc., an electing s corporation, has $4,000 of aep and a balance of $10,000 in aaa. kinney has two shareholders, erin and maine, each of whom owns 500 shares of kinney’s stock. kinney’s 2008 taxable income is $5,000. kinney distributes $6,000 to each shareholder on february 1, 2008, and distributes another $3,000 to each shareholder on september 1. how is erin taxed on this distribution?
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Danielle enjoy working as in certified public accountant (cpa) and assisting small business and individuals with managing their financial and taxes . which general area of accounting is her specialty ?
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Krete, an unmarried taxpayer with income exclusively from wages, filed her initial income tax return for year 8. by december 31, year 8, krete's employer had withheld $16,000 in federal income taxes and krete had made no estimated tax payments. on april 15, year 9, krete timely filed an extension request to file her individual tax return and paid $300 of additional taxes. krete's year 8 income tax liability was $16,500 when she timely filed her return on april 30, year 9, and paid the remaining income tax liability balance. what amount would be subject to the penalty for the underpayment of estimated taxes? a. $500b. $0c. $16,500d. $200
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Jameson manages a well-known cell phone company. this company has been voted as having the best cell-phone service. consumers appreciate the fact that they can call from almost anywhere in the world and the service still gets through. jameson knows that the company's product far surpasses that of the competition. one thing has been bothering him, though. in order to put so many resources into ensuring the best service, jameson has cut back on employees at the firm's customer call center. recently, consumers have begun complaining about long wait times when they call in with a problem or concern. although its cell phone service is still considered one of the best, customer satisfaction with the firm's customer service has plummeted. jameson does not understand why consumers are getting so upset. he believes the exceptional cell phone service more than makes up for long waiting periods and other issues with its customer service. "after all," he says, "they can't have it all. if i invest more in customer service, that means less investment on ensuring the quality of our product offering."refer to scenario. jameson has asked you, a marketing consultant, to give him advice. he cannot understand how a cell-phone company with the best product offering in the cell-phone service industry could get such low satisfaction ratings simply because the customer service is not up to par. you suggest that jameson has a narrowly defined view of the company's product offering. you tell jameson that successful marketers should define their products as what they
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Every time the fed buys or sells on the open market, the changes....

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