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Major tire inc.'s manufacturing plant in charleston, south carolina was destroyed when hurricane hazel hit the coast. the company officially closed the facility after reviewing the damage and terminated all 500 workers. the company did not give the employees 60 days' notice, and thus, it is liable under the worker adjustment and retraining notification act.
a. true
b. false

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Amathematical approximation called the rule of 70 tells us that the number of years that it will take something that is growing to double in size is approximately equal to the number 70 divided by its percentage rate of growth. thus, if mexico's real gdp per person is growing at 7 percent per year, it will take about 10 years(=70/7) to double. apply the rule of 70 to solve the following problem. real gdp per person in mexico in 2005 was about $11,000 per person, while it was about $44,000 per person in the u.s. if real gdp per person in mexico grows at the rate of 5 percent per year: how long will it take mexico's real gdp per person to reach the level that the united states was at in 2005? (hint: how many times would mexico's 2005 real gdp per person have to double to reach the u.s.'s 2005 real gdp per person?
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Issued to the joint planning and execution community (jpec) initiates the development of coas; it also requests that the supported ccdr submit a commander's estimate of the situation with a recommended coa to resolve the situation (joint force command and staff participation in the joint operation planning and execution system, page 10)
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Colter steel has $5,550,000 in assets. temporary current assets $ 3,100,000 permanent current assets 1,605,000 fixed assets 845,000 total assets $ 5,550,000 assume the term structure of interest rates becomes inverted, with short-term rates going to 10 percent and long-term rates 2 percentage points lower than short-term rates. earnings before interest and taxes are $1,170,000. the tax rate is 40 percent earnings after taxes = ?
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Alinguist had a gross income of 53,350 last year. if 17.9% of his income got witheld for federal income tax, how much of the linguist's pay got witheld for federal income tax last year?
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Major tire inc.'s manufacturing plant in charleston, south carolina was destroyed when hurricane haz...
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