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The investment demand curve will shift to the right as the result of

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Suppose that jim plans to borrow money for an education at texas a& m university. jim will need to borrow $25,000 at the end of each year for the next five years (total=$125,000). jim wishes his parents could pay for his education but they can’t. at least, he qualifies for government loans with a reduced interest rate while he is in school. he has a special arrangement with aggiebank to lend him the money at a subsidized rate of 1% over five years without having to make a payment until the end of the fifth year. however, at the end of the fifth year, jim agrees to pay off the loan by borrowing from longhorn bank. longhorn bank will lend him the money he needs at an annual interest rate of 6%. jim agrees to pay back the longhorn bank with 20 annual payments and the payments will be uniform (equal annual payments including principal and interest). (i) calculate how much money jim has to borrow at the end of 5 years to pay off the loan with aggiebank. a. $121,336 b. $127,525 c. $125,000 d. $102,020 e. none of the above
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Schonhardt corporation's relevant range of activity is 2,500 units to 5,500 units. when it produces and sells 4,000 units, its average costs per unit are as follows: averagecost per unitdirect materials $ 7.60direct labor $ 2.90variable manufacturing overhead $ 1.65fixed manufacturing overhead $ 2.90fixed selling expense $ 0.95fixed administrative expense $ 0.65sales commissions $ 0.75variable administrative expense $ 0.65if 4,500 units are produced, the total amount of fixed manufacturing cost incurred is closest to: multiple choicea $16,800b $11,400c $11,600d $15,400
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Amap from a trade development commission or chamber of commerce can be more useful than google maps for identifying
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​lakeside, inc. estimated manufacturing overhead costs for the year at $ 372 comma 000​, based on 181 comma 000 estimated direct labor hours. actual direct labor hours for the year totaled 191 comma 000. the manufacturing overhead account contains debit entries totaling $ 391 comma 000. the manufacturing overhead for the year was​ (round any intermediate calculations to two decimal​ places, and your final answer to the nearest​ dollar.)
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The investment demand curve will shift to the right as the result of...
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