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You see on a commercial that OrangeCo is offering a credit card with a 5% cashback program for all cardholders. Which question might help you evaluate how good this offer is? A.) Does the cashback program apply to all purchases or only specific types of purchases like gas and groceries?

B.) Can I get a debit card along with a new credit card?

C.) Who does OrangeCo use as their spokesperson in the commercial?

D.) Do I still get the cash back even when I return my purchases to the store?

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New team of management has taken over. as a result, organizational changes from a country-club style leadership where everyone does whatever they want has changed to a more mechanistic, structured, top-down management style. what ethical issues should the employees consider and how should they go about addressing these?
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Which value describes the desire to be one’s own boss? a. autonomy b. status c. security d. entrepreneurship
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Consider the market for gasoline. suppose that, in a competitive market without government regulations, the equilibrium price of gasoline is $3.00 per gallon, and employees at gas stations earn $17.50 per hour. complete the following table by indicating whether each of the statements is an example of a price ceiling or a price floor and whether it results in a shortage or a surplus or has no effect on the price and quantity that prevail in the market. statement price control effect the government has instituted a legal minimum price of $3.40 per gallon for gasoline. the government prohibits gas stations from selling gasoline for more than $3.40 per gallon. due to new regulations, gas stations that would like to pay better wages in order to hire more workers are prohibited from paying more than $14.50 per hour.
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Specialization—the division of labor—enhances productivity and efficiency by a) allowing workers to take advantage of existing differences in their abilities and skills. b) avoiding the time loss involved in shifting from one production task to another. c) allowing workers to develop skills by working on one, or a limited number, of tasks. d)all of the means identified in the other answers.
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You see on a commercial that OrangeCo is offering a credit card with a 5% cashback program for all c...
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