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Predict how a reduction in trees might impact the atmosphere

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What is the expected change in the ph under the following conditions: acid is added to the solution. a. it is not possible to answer without the identity of the acid. b. the ph will increase c. the ph will decrease d. the ph will stay the same. e. the ph will fluctuate and then stabilize.
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Suppose that during that icy hot lab 65,000 j of energy were transferred to 450 g of water at 20°c what would have have been the final temperature of the water
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Compare and contrast physical changes with chemical changes.
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What method(s) do plants use to obtain nitrogen? select all that apply. absorb it from the atmosphere use bacteria to convert nitrogen to usable form obtain usable nitrogen compounds from the soil absorb nitrogen from water taken in at the roots
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Predict how a reduction in trees might impact the atmosphere...

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