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Put these steps in the mechanism of chymotrypsin catalysis in order from first to last. Note that your textbook may not break out each of these steps individually, but all steps should be ordered. (There will be eight steps.) A. His 57 catalyzes removal of H from Ser 195 hydroxyl. B. His 57 donates H to N of sissile peptide bond, tetrahedral intermediate decomposes. C. The portion (N-terminal end) of the original substrate with the new carboxylate terminus diffuses away. D. Water donates H to His 57. E. Resulting OH attacks carbonyl of remaining substrate. F. His 57 donates H to Ser 195 O, leading to collapse of thtrahedral intermediate. G. the portion (the C-terminal end) of original substrate with the new amino terminus diffuses away. H. Ser 195's nucleophilic O attacks carbonyl C of substrate.

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Put these steps in the mechanism of chymotrypsin catalysis in order from first to last. Note that yo...

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