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A suspension of yeast cells is being grown under anaerobic conditions such that glucose is degraded to ethanol and carbon dioxide. To follow this process by monitoring the release of 14 CO 2 , at which positions in the glucose molecule would the 14 C label need to be incorporated?

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If a substance is not at its melting or boiling point, as the heat content of a sample of matter increases, its temperature increases the number of intermolecular bonds decreases the space between particles increases the particles move faster
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How many moles are in 7.2 x 10^23 carbon molecules? (*round to the nearest hundredth and include the unit "mol c" after your number) question 6 options:
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Sulfur dioxide and oxygen react to form sulfur trioxide during one of the key steps in sulfuric acid synthesis. an industrial chemist studying this reaction fills a 25.0l tank with 4.5 mol of sulfur dioxide gas and 4.5 mol of oxygen gas at 30.°c. he then raises the temperature, and when the mixture has come to equilibrium measures the amount of sulfur trioxide gas to be 1.4 mol. calculate the concentration equilibrium constant for the reaction of sulfur dioxide and oxygen at the final temperature of the mixture. round your answer to 2 significant digits.
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Explain the acidity of ethanoic acid in detail.
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A suspension of yeast cells is being grown under anaerobic conditions such that glucose is degraded...

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