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How can you make the polymer stretch the farthest?

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Mantles for gas lanterns contain thorium, because it forms an oxide that can survive being heated to incandescence for long periods of time. natural thorium is almost 100% ^{232}\text{th} ​232 ​​ th, with a half-life of 1.405\times 10^{10}~\text{y}1.405×10 ​10 ​​ y. if an average lantern mantle contains 300 mg of thorium, what is its activity?
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When adding 30ml salin to 30ml of 0.5% solution what strength solution becomes
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Phosphorous acid, h3po3(aq) , is a diprotic oxyacid that is an important compound in industry and agriculture. the values of phosphorous acid are 1.30 6.70 calculate the ph for each of the given points in the titration of 50.0 ml of 1.5 m h3po3(aq) with 1.5 m koh(aq) .
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How do scientists think that gravity affected the formation of our solar system?
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How can you make the polymer stretch the farthest?...

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