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Why would it be hard to find the ideal co2 level if the light intensity were very low?

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Last week, a disk containing csm tech publishing's current project manuscripts crashed. fortunately, there was a backup, but all files that had been added or changed that day were lost. a new disk had to be purchased for overnight delivery, and the data had to be restored. several days of work time were lost. the owner of csm tech wants to know what can be done to prevent the loss of data and time if a disk crashes in the future. the server currently has two disks installed: one for the windows boot and system volumes and one for manuscript files. the disk used for manuscript files is about one-third full. there's enough money in the budget to purchase up to two new drives if needed. what solution do you recommend, and why? explain your answer.
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1. technician a says horsepower information can be used by consumers to compare the power of different automobile engines. technician b says that manufacturers will often list the horsepower output of their engines in the online service information. who is right?
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Working on this program in python 3.7: a year in the modern gregorian calendar consists of 365 days. in reality, the earth takes longer to rotate around the sun. to account for the difference in time, every 4 years, a leap year takes place. a leap year is when a year has 366 days: an extra day, february 29th. the requirements for a given year to be a leap year are: 1) the year must be divisible by 42) if the year is a century year (1700, 1800, the year must be evenly divisible by 400some example leap years are 1600, 1712, and 2016.write a program that takes in a year and determines whether that year is a leap year. ex: if the input is 1712, the output is: 1712 is a leap year. ex: if the input is 1913, the output is: 1913 is not a leap year. your program must define and call the function isleapyear(useryear). the function should return true if the input year is a leap year and false otherwise.
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Which location-sharing service offers items for users as a gaming component and also allows them to collectively link their check-ins to publish a trip? a. whrrl b. buzzd c. foursquare (this option is wrong i already tried) d. gowalla for plato
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Why would it be hard to find the ideal co2 level if the light intensity were very low?...

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