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For the prototype user interface, design a switchboard that leads from main sections to sub-sections of related system tasks. the main sections may include member information, registration, payments, fitness instructors, and any other top-level sections necessary for personal trainer's system. subsections may include account information, class registration, schedules, and class rosters. prepare storyboards that show the proposed screens, including at least two sublevel tasks for each.

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Steel is coated with a thin layer of ceramic to protect against corrosion. what do you expect to happen to the coating when the temperature of the steel is increased significantly? explain.
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The thermal expansion or contraction of a given metal is a function of the f a)-density b)-initial temperature c)- temperature difference d)- linear coefficient of thermal expansion e)- final temperature f)- original length
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The flow rate of air through a through a pipe is 0.02 m5/s. a pitot static tube is placed in the flow. the radius of the pitot static tube is 1 mm. assuming the flow to be steady and the air to be at 300k, calculate the difference in total and static pressure if the diameter of the pipe is: (a) d 0.1 m d 0.05 m (c) d 0.01 m
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Awall of 0.5m thickness is to be constructed from a material which has average thermal conductivity of 1.4 w/mk. the wall is to be insulated with a material having an average thermal conductivity of 0.35 w/mk so that heat loss per square meter shall not exceed 1450 w. assume inner wall surface temperature of 1200°c and outer surface temperature of the insulation to be 15°c. calculate the thickness of insulation required.
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For the prototype user interface, design a switchboard that leads from main sections to sub-sections...

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