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Compare and contrast dogs and cats

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Read the sentence: though margo moved as slowly as a snail in the morning, she somehow ended up being the shining star at the corporations breakfast meeting. which phrase from the sentence is an example of the authors use of simile? a) being the shining star b) somehow ended up c)the corporations breakfast meeting d)moved as slowly as a snail
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Ead this excerpt from the introduction to wheels of change by sue macy. imagine a population imprisoned by their very clothing; the stiff corsets, heavy skirts, and voluminous petticoats that made it difficult to take a deep breath, let alone exercise. add to that the laws and social conventions that cemented a man's place as head of the household and holder of the purse strings. how suffocated women must have felt. and how liberated they must have been as they pedaled their wheels toward new horizons. why does the author include this excerpt?
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What do we know about the mother in “two kinds”? select all that apply. she came from china. she had two daughters who died. her mother, father, and first husband are dead. she is part japanese.
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How now how now chop logic what is this proud and i you and i you not and yet not proud mistress minion you me no nor proud me no proud
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Compare and contrast dogs and cats...
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