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Which statement is mostly clearly objective apex

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The author most likely uses the word monstrous rather than the word “unpleasant” because it has a more positive connotation than the word “unpleasant.” a more negative connotation than the word “unpleasant.” a more neutral connotation than the word “unpleasant.” almost the same connotation as the word “unpleasant.”
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You receive an email from an impressive-sounding stranger, professor alexander rothschild renard iii, president of the american institute for scientific political statesmen. he urges you to vote for his presidential candidate choice. this social media red flag is known as pomposity inanity superstition fanaticism
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What aspect of life was denied the sisters because they lived with their father? (apex) a. books b. marriage c. servants d. material comfort
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Coloque as frases na forma negativa1- she will travel with you to brazil2-you will see my friends in italy3- my mother will buy a house for you4- you will have to pay my car5- many people will serve the president6- they will be in my house to you7- they will work on the weekend8- i will drive to my city
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Which statement is mostly clearly objective apex...
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