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Answer ! 25 which of the following identifies the central l idea of the article “an overview of the great depression"? a the great depression was a very difficult time for america. b the great depression could have easily been avoided if americans had been more informed on how the stock market and banks operated. c the great depression could not have been prevented, as the previous decades had experienced nothing but growth. d the great depression was a horrible economic time for america, but the government’s violation of citizens’ rights while the economy recover was much worse. how did the great depression change the country? question 2 options: a it set off a chain reaction of companies closing, unemployment and poverty. b it destroyed the stock market and banking system forever. c it caused millions of americans to die of starvation. d it caused massive distrust among foreign investors who no longer wanted to trade with america franklin d. roosevelt’s new deal programs accomplished all of the following except: a changed the rules governing the buying and selling of stocks b created unemployment programs c eliminated homelessness d temporarily closed banks entertainment played an important role during the great depression. which of the following was not discussed in the article? a the people could hear reassuring radio addresses from the president b entertainment offered people an escape and a way to lift their spirits c radio shows provided free entertainment for families d mostly children took advantage of the opportunity to utilize entertainment what is the author’s purpose in the article, “an overview of the great depression.” a to inform b to entertain c to persuade

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From his studies of coptic, champollion knew that the egyptian word for "sun" was pronounced rah. he wrote down the first two letters of that sound, ra. next he put a question mark for the unknown middle hieroglyph. then, at the end, he wrote ss, the sound of the last two hieroglyphs. he studied the combination: ra ? ss. suddenly he remembered a famous pharaoh whose name appeared in ancient greek chronicles and also in the biblical book of exodus: rameses, or ramesses. could this be a hieroglyphic representation of ramesses' name? based on the excerpt, what detail did champollion need to conclude that the hieroglyphics might represent ramesses’s name?
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Acid rain is a secondary pollutant. select the best answer from the choices provided true or false
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My friends asked me, “are you not coming for the party? "change into passive voice
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Wiesel interrupts the narration that begin with, "a few ss officers wandered through the room, " with a parenthetical insertion. explain the purpose of the insertion.
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