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Read the excerpt from an op-ed. as a candidate for the westwood board of education, raj mathur has the necessary community experience to excel. he is a member of the chamber of commerce and several other township committees and community groups. i have worked beside him in our real estate office for three years. he has been a mentor to me, willingly sharing his wisdom of not only the business, but the community as well. i believe that he is well qualified for the board of education job.
which elements of an op-ed are evident in the excerpt?
select three options.
the op-ed shares opinions about each candidate running.
the op-ed uses strong, emotional language.
the op-ed comes to a conclusion for the audience.
the op-ed includes first-person pronouns.
the op-ed attempts to persuade the audience.

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Read the excerpt from an op-ed. as a candidate for the westwood board of education, raj mathur has t...

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