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Read the excerpt from act 3, scene 1, of julius caesar.

caesar. i must prevent thee, cimber.
these couchings and these lowly courtesies
might fire the blood of ordinary men,
and turn preordinance and first decree
into the law of children. be not fond
to think that caesar bears such rebel blood
that will be thawed from the true quality
with that which melteth fools: i mean sweet words,
low-crookèd courtesies, and base spaniel fawning.
thy brother by decree is banished.
if thou dost bend and pray and fawn for him,
i spurn thee like a cur out of my way.
know caesar doth not wrong but with just cause,
nor without cause will he be satisfied.

what is the central idea of this excerpt?

caesar will not reverse the exile of cimber’s brother in response to begging and flattery

caesar tells cimber to leave the senate for pleading to release his brother.

caesar will free cimber’s brother if cimber provides caesar with good reasons to do so.

caesar will not tolerate being treated like a dog for exiling cimber’s brother.

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Read the excerpt from act 3, scene 1, of julius caesar.

caesar. i must prevent thee, cim...

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