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Having the right tool makes any job easier, and more fun. a stylus is a tool used to interact with a hand held computer or gaming device. the purpose of a stylus is to interact with a computer device without using a human finger. using a stylus feels like you are writing with a pen or pencil. but now another type of stylus is available. this stylus feels like you are writing (or coloring) with a crayon!

lance is writing a paragraph for his computer club's magazine.
which is the best concluding statement for this paragraph?
a) it is a great idea to practice writing and drawing if you want to improve.
b) my cousin is the best artist i ever saw and she uses a stylus all the time.
c) our computer lab has laptops, hand-held tablets, and styluses for check out.
d) so whether you want to write, sketch, or color, there is a stylus for you

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Having the right tool makes any job easier, and more fun. a stylus is a tool used to interact with a...
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