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How is the possessive formed if the noun is a possessive pronoun?

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Iopened the door quietly, then stood in the doorway rewrite using ..ing participle
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The feeling or emotion that a word conveys is knows as its
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In gulliver’s travel it says “that reason did not extend it self with the bulk of the body” what does this mean? “just because you are doesn’t mean you are ” (has to do with size) and what is swift criticizing about his country?
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Ineed ideas for this essay something easy that i can do does anyone have any ideas on what i should write on for this 100 points ! write a procedural essay with media that is 1 ½–2 pages in length. clearly state your topic, and include all steps necessary to complete the procedure. you will submit your prewriting and planning documents along with your essay.
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How is the possessive formed if the noun is a possessive pronoun?...

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