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"we must get rid of it," cried the sister again, "that's the
only thing for it, father. you just have to put from your
mind any thought that it's gregor."
- michael hofmann, trans., the metamorphosis
"he's got to go," cried his sister, "that's the only solution,
father. you must just try to get rid of the idea that it's
- malcolm pasley, trans., the metamorphosis
hofmann's translation shows that the sister has stopped thinking of gregor
as human because she:
a. cries and gets emotional.
b. refers to gregor as "it.
c. wants to get rid of gregor.
d. speaks angrily to gregor.

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"we must get rid of it," cried the sister again, "that's the
only thing for it, father. you ju...
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