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Jay heard that ellen has a great sense of humor. upon meeting her for the first time, jay encourages ellen to share jokes she has heard and to tell him about comedy films she has seen. although ellen does not see herself as especially funny, she obliges jay, and he concludes that what he had heard about ellen is true. what phenomenon is most closely reflected in exchange between jay and ellen?

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Read the following excerpt from life on the mississippi by mark twain. no girl could withstand his charms. he "cut out" every boy in the village. when his boat blew up at last, it diffused a tranquil contentment among us such as we had not known for months. but when he came home the next week, alive, renowned, and appeared in church all battered up and bandaged, a shining hero, stared at and wondered over by everybody, it seemed to us that the partiality of providence for an undeserving reptile had reached a point where it was open to criticism. how does twain's use of understatement serve his purpose? be sure to use specific details from the text to support your answer.
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How does paragraph 5 refine the claim that “the text on the package does not always tell the whole story” about pet food?
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The most likely reason king uses allusions in this part of his speech is to
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Review the theme beauty exists within each person which line from beauty best communicates this theme
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Jay heard that ellen has a great sense of humor. upon meeting her for the first time, jay encourages...
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